Moveable Divider for Ladder Tray
Many industrial facilities have what are referred to as "Hot Zones", which are combustible environments into which power equipment (an ignition source) is prohibited. The need for power equipment in construction within defined Hot Zones first requires that operations in that zone be shut down. An extremely costly process in terms of lost plant productivity and profitability. So to limit shut downs, many facilities engineers design and install miles of excess cable tray runs to establish pathways that allow for future adds and changes. The purchase and installation of these excess pathways, are less costly than a zone shut down, but are costly all the same. MonoSystems, in collaboration with one of the largest Petrochemical companies in the world, developed a unique Moveable Divider system which is installed – as well as repositioned – without the need of any power tools. It is 100% "Hot Zone Compliant".

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